From Amanda Knox's Incriminating Evidence to Celeb Recruitment

 - Jan 16, 2009
Today, the trial begins in Italy for Amanda Knox, a Seattle college student who is charged with the murder of Meredith Kercher in Italy. Prosecutors allege that Knox killed Kercher over a failed sexual encounter, and are using MySpace photos and YouTube videos of Amanda Knox partying to support their allegations.

Indeed, MySpace has become far more than a social networking site--it's now a potentially dangerous place that has inspired a number of nefarious acts, well before the Amanda Knox case came to light. Lindsay Lohan used MySpace to blog about her very public disagreements with her father. And when Dr. Laura Schlessinger's son, Deryck, had his MySpace profile removed for incredibly offensive terrorist content, the Schlessinger family blamed malicious hackers.

Whether MySpace is used for good or bad, it's always entertaining. Check out some other MySpace innovations below.