- Feb 23, 2007
References: Stickam
New, free and anonymous, Stickam is the latest social website to enter the ring. But it’s a social website with a difference, as it offers live and uncut videos and chat, ringing alarm bells of parents across the globe. Whilst you have to be at least 14 and it claims to bar inappropirate and obscene behaviour - it’s not going to be easy to enforce. It’s still early days, so it remains to be seen whether Stickam will achieve its goal of being bigger than Myspace or YouTube. But with a membership of 400,000, it’s a long way behind given MySpace added over 61 million new users in January alone. But given MySpace has blocked users making any links to Stickam, it seems they recognise the threat. But MySpace used a similar tactic to block YouTube to pave the way for MySpace video - but as YouTube became too popular they were forced to change tack. Perhaps they now have a webcam product in the pipeline?