43 Positive Things About The 2008 Beijing Olympics

 - Aug 8, 2008
The 2008 Beijing Olympic Games kick off today, spiking global anticipation for the events and intrigue into China even further. With all the controversy surrounding the Olympics, particularly the protests in and around China, some are left wondering why the games are worth giving any attention to. Activists are suggesting people who want to support Tibet should boycott the Olympics entirely.

But don't make any rash decisions.

There is plenty of interesting content that isn't negative or controversial. Below some of the most fascinating elements, including fashion and high-tech performance clothes as well as live arts, architecture and design, have been highlighted.

In addition, the Beijing Olympics have been good for the people. When the games were announced in 2001, 6.3 million people were employed. As of 2007, that number rose to 9.4 million, pointing out an increase of 448,000 new jobs each year.

A city of 17 million people is trying to put its best face forward.

I was in Beijing last year, I know it's a beautiful place. The streets are lined with roses -- the people take pride in maintaining beauty for the public -- the people are hardworking, Beijing parks are filled with people of all ages doing Tai Chi in the mornings. Art is everywhere, and the Olympics are giving the people of Beijing an opportunity to show their talent to the world. As seen in the gallery below, they have done so through performing arts like dance, through incredibly detailed topiaries and world class architecture.