The ‘Hand Bras' to Cover the Racks

Sometime ago, I found a blog with a post about two images of a woman trying to cover her bare chest as much as possible with her hands and arms. This was done much in the same way celebrities and models cover their racks, with their limbs acting as hand or arm brassieres, for magazine covers, spreads, editorials, commercial print ads and social causes. 

In view of that, I thought it might be interesting to gather a cluster of 36 posts of barely clad but mostly tasteful celebrities ‘wearing’ "Hand Brassieres."

As you go through the cluster, you’ll realize there are a lot of Gisele Bundchen and Eva Mendes because, seemingly, they do a lot of work in their birthday suits and therefore have worn their "hand lingerie" on many, many occasions.

Finally, you will find three or four cases where the hand brassiere theme does not apply so much; let’s just call those trends gratuitous nakedness.