23 Stripper Innovations

 - Jan 14, 2009
Stripping is well-known for being a sexy and erotic form of entertainment. Unlike prostitutes who are paid for sex, strippers earn money by arousing sexual desires and fantasies. Although topless bars, strip-teases and full nude dancers are often the source of marital and significant other spats, they are also a source of inspiration and innovation.

Let’s face it, not all humans come with the grace, strength and agility or ‘know-how’ of erotic dancing. However, there has been a growing trend in those wanting to learn how to dance like a stripper, whether for fun or exercise. In fact, pole dancing has become so popular that poles can now be found in homes and hotels.

We’ve seen strip-tease styled photography used by fashion magazines, entrepreneurs and advertisers, and the ads keep getting naughtier.

On a more serious note, stripping isn’t always used for turning another person on. Some people have stripped for awareness and others have stripped in the streets to earn money for gas out of sheer financial desperation.

In the cluster below you’ll find many more areas in which strippers have influenced mainstream society--some good, some bad and some in-between.