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Tina Seelig's Creative Ideas Keynote is Helpful and Original

 - Mar 31, 2014
References: about.me & vimeo
Breaking down the characteristics that make a person creative and how innovative ideas come to life, Tina Seelig's inspiring creative ideas keynote gives the audience a framework they can work with.

The Stanford professor has dedicated the past few years of her life on understanding how good ideas spring forward and how creative people think the way they do. From her extensive research on how people come up with these new ideas and how people bring them to life, Seelig has devised an "innovation engine," a special mix of six characteristics like attitude, resources and environment, that she believes will open up the way we look at things.

Seeling highlights points like questioning the questions we're asking ourselves to get more innovative solutions, increasing imagination by challenging assumptions, building our knowledge base and the willingness to fail in her creative ideas keynote.

"Workers are puzzle builders, stuck when missing a piece. Truly creative people are quilt makers — they can fit anything together," she says.