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Kristen Hadeed's Speech on Curiosity Encourages Us to Trust Our Passions

 - Oct 4, 2013
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The Kristen Hadeed speech on curiosity discusses the importance of listening to one's inner child when it comes to entrepreneurship and life. The passionate business woman began her own cleaning business in college, where over 300 students are employed after two years. The speaker credits her natural instincts for business, as well as her parents encouraging creativity and curiosity, while also providing her with a positive example.

Hadeed talks about pursuing one's passion and excitement, as well as the importance of dreaming. A childlike sense of curiosity not only sparks creativity, but also leads to new experiences and outside the box problem solving. Her inspirational talk implores the audience to live in the present, to read lots, to ask many questions and embrace their inner child. To have a meaningful life, one should focus on what makes them excited in the moment, rather than the end result and being successful.