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The Jennifer Gilbert keynote on entrepreneurial spirit empowers women to not take no for an answer... Need Inspiration?

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Jennifer Gilbert's Entrepreneurial Women Keynote is Motivational

 - Sep 18, 2013
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Jennifer Gilbert shares her inspirational story in this entrepreneurial women keynote. The charismatic and aspirational speaker tells the audience about a violent attack she experienced as a young woman and the positive transformative effect it had on her career.

As a party planner, Gilbert revolutionized her industry with one idea to charge venues. She shares her motto with the crowd at Barnard College, which is "you don't ask, you don't get, so go and get it." Her refusal to take no for an answer has made her extremely successful in business. Her definition of entrepreneurial spirit lists creativity and passion as core components. She is of the belief that it is not enough to inspire others, but it is necessary to live by example and to live without fear of a glass ceiling. This entrepreneurial women keynote serves as motivation for young women in the workplace.