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Frederick Smith Discusses the Advantages of Struggle

 - Mar 4, 2012
References: businessweek & youtube
Frederick Smith earned his Bachelor's degree in economics at Yale. During his time there, Smith was the President of Delta Kappa Epsilon and the secret society Skull and Bones. Based on a paper written during his schooling, Smith founded FedEx. The Federal Express was the first overnight delivery company on a global scale.

Frederick Smith outlines the often overwhelming challenges of entrepreneurial ventures and the importance of persistence. He quotes the famous English war hero Wellington saying, "It was a near run thing." He goes on to acknowledge those who experience struggle, such as the students who scraped along the bottom. He congratulates those eager and ambitious students on making it farther than Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, both whom did not graduate.

Frederick Smith's speech gives a strong handshake to those with a rebellious entrepreneurial spirit.