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Jonathan Keats' Experimental Philosophy Speech Discusses Curiosity

 - Jul 28, 2013
Jonathan Keats shares his views on academic philosophy studies in this experimental philosophy speech. Keats studied philosophy in university and was disappointed by how many answers he received when he asked big questions.

Keats thinks that academic philosophers take their understanding of the world too seriously and he claims that what the field needs is more curious amateur philosophers. Philosophy is largely about looking at life's big questions and trying to figure them out. It's about asking questions to which there aren't necessarily answers.

Keats discusses failed school experiments that approached education in an experimental way without success. He encourages curiosity in students and tells viewers to go out, to ask questions and to conduct their own social experiments, which is something that he has also done. Keats rejects the academic approach to philosophy in favor of something a little more adventurous and interesting.