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This Adam Savage Keynote Advocates for Determination and Questions

 - Apr 30, 2012
References: ted & youtube
In this Adam Savage keynote the host of MythBuster discusses how some of the greatest discoveries in science were made by curious individuals who did not have access to all the advance technologies that exist today but rather had to use their "eyes, ears and minds."

Referring to such famous historical scientists as Eratostenes, Armand Fizeau and Galileo , Adam Savage argues that "the discoverers were all bags of meat and water starting with the same tool." It was curiosity that drove those inventors and scientists to discover the things that they did.

Curiosity and the will to continuously question and attack a problem changes how people think about their existence. Technology and inventions allow people to study phenomenons that would be otherwise impossible to investigate but it is the drive more so than the tools that expand our understanding of the world.