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Ragne Sigmond's Creative Imagery Speech Discusses Her Artistic Perspective

 - Sep 29, 2013
References: ragnesigmond & youtu.be
In her creative imagery speech, Ragne Sigmond explains how she uses found and often unusual objects in her photography. Her ability to use everyday items to create stunning visual effects demonstrates the need to think of things in different ways. Sigmond uses children as an example, as they are better at free association and can improvise with more ease. She credits a playful attitude, curiosity and a 'why not' perspective to her creative success. She also values believing in oneself and maintaining positivity, especially towards the end result.

While Sigmond stresses the importance of finding inspirational in odd treasures, she also claims creativity thrives within limitations. She discusses working within themes and still using interesting materials. Having hobbies and pursuing passions without the end goal in mind (like fame or money) is also a key to her success.