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Irene Nygårdsvik’s Enriching Business Speech is Acad

 - Sep 23, 2013
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In her enriching business speech, Irene Nygårdsvik discussed the research she performed after leaving her doctoral studies in Norway. The disenchanted student interviewed 65 artists and business owners about the different aspects that contribute to life-enriching businesses. This research examined innovation and the friction between these two industries.

The first important principle was the importance of creativity in life and business. This creativity was strongly correlated to the second principle of the need for autonomy and freedom in running companies. This sense of independence will surely resonate with a North American audience as well. The third part realized artists and entrepreneurs who focused on mastering money, not being a slave to it. The fourth saw the importance of relationships in business and in human satisfaction. Correspondingly, the final aspect was to show compassion in matters of payment.