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Carmine Gallo's Inspirational Leadership Talk Gives Three Steps

 - Sep 3, 2013
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The inspirational leadership talk given by Carmine Gallo examines three things he believes all inspirational messages have in common. The author and communications consultant posits true leaders need to be inspired themselves before they can inspire others, whether this be their employees or the costumer. To be inspirational, a message or brand must be understandable, memorable and emotional.

Passion is at the center of this theory. Gallo notices there is an enormous difference in the answers to the question 'What makes your heart sing?' compared to 'What do you make?' or 'What do you do?' He goes on to note there are many different tactics to go on to inspire others, like effective presentation skills and 'Twitter-friendly headlines,' however everything is based on those three commonalities.

The implications of this inspirational leadership talk are particularly pertinent to management, but also to anyone involved in branding, social business and the non-profit sector.