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Sasha Dichter Discusses the Power of Saying 'Yes'

 - Feb 8, 2012
References: sashadichter.wordpress & youtube
Sasha Dichter is the Chief Innovation Officer at Acumen Fund. The nonprofit company invests in social enterprises, emerging leaders and breakthrough ideas in poverty-stricken areas. He also blogs about generosity, philanthropy and social change.

Dichter reflects upon the 'Generosity Experiment' he conducted. For 30 days, Dichter vowed to say yes to any charitable cause -- whether it be a beggar, a musician or a nonprofit. He argues that continuously saying 'no' will become part of who you are.

Dichter takes the audience through a retrospection of the experiment. He discovered that the most effective philanthropists lead with generosity. To act philanthropically and expect change, one must begin with their personal character.