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This Unleashed Innovation Keynote by Cheryl Eaton Advocates Freedom of Ideas

 - Jul 26, 2012
References: linkedin & youtube
This unleashed innovation keynote presented by Cheryl Eaton, founder of Wild Genius, pushes a more unbridled approach to creativity and the development of solutions.

Speaking to logic and over-thinking as ways in which genius is blocked, her speech advocates a novel approach to innovation that requires a whole new way of collaborating. Though rationality is traditionally thought of as an important approach to thinking, Eaton explains that this tendency stunts innovation and can act as a huge deterrent, particularly with regard to businesses. Interested in the way in which such ideas are put to use for socially conscious causes, this unleashed innovation keynote has a well-intentioned angle that could relate strongly to social enterprises.

Painting a new picture of innovation with a novel and less contained approach, this Cheryl Eaton speech shows how people can make the most of their ideas.