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Martin Sheen Discusses Young People Creating Change

 - Sep 29, 2013
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This incredibly moving speech by actor and activist Martin Sheen is centered around social activism. The keynote has several extremely powerful phrases that are intended to resonate with youth, but speak loudly to an adult audience as well. The speech took place at We Day, Free the Children's signature youth empowerment event that brings together social justice leaders and entertainers around the world.

While Sheen acknowledges he is an actor, he asserts the importance of social justice and fighting for causes people are passionate about. In addition to the human needs of food, clothing and shelter, he says the need for justice, healing and mercy is even more unifying. He encourages youth by saying rather than seeing the state of the world and asking why, they are a generation that is "dreaming things that never were and asking why not." He speaks to social activism with great passion and the value of young people in society.

This uplifting presentation is a must-see for anyone who is interested in social justice, meaningful volunteerism, community service or youth engagement.