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Vik Muniz’ Freedom of Art Speech Deals Discusses His Inspiration

 - Feb 15, 2014
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Brazilian artist Vik Muniz’ freedom of art speech discusses the story behind his creations and the inspiration that stemmed from his artwork. Muniz shows the audience how he utilizes different materials such as sugar, thread, chocolate and cotton to create various sculptures, landscapes and portraits.

Muniz was born in Brazil and through his experience growing up in the 70s, he was born in a time and climate of political distress. The political sensitivity forced Muniz to find other ways to communicate his thoughts and feelings out to the world. Muniz tells the audience about creativity and that the byproduct is creation, which is often times "pointless and seemingly ungraspable," but stipulates that it is always meaningful.

Through the mixture of finding an object, designing it and advertising it, he has created a collection called Relics, including a Clown Skull, a Rocking Podium, a Pre-Colombian Coffee Maker and an entire encyclopedia Britannica bound in a single volume for travel purposes.