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Tony Buzan Gives an Inspiring Creative Speech on the Use of Daydreaming

 - Mar 25, 2014
References: thinkbuzan & youtube
Tony Buzan gives an inspiring creative speech on the importance our innocent child-like minds have and the power that it has once these skills are applied to situations.

The universal language that we all know of is imagination; mind maps are generated by the human language and their importance has a great positive impact. Everyone has the power of intelligence; unfortunately we are told that when we age, creativity is lessened and we accept that, but it is not natural. Imagination never ceases to exist, yet we just hinder it because we grow up and think it's childish to dream. We need to remember, accept and practice daydreaming because it is everything; our minds are akin to sleeping giants, and by allowing it to wander, think and grow, we are enabling so much possibility for ourselves and people around us.

Once we enable the act of daydreaming and encourage it both in children and adults, we can put these skills in other situations, we can use it to teach and inspire others.