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Speaker Dick Glover is the CEO of Funny or Die and the former Vice President of broadcasting and...

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Dick Glover’s Business Model Talk on Unusual Business Approaches

 - Aug 29, 2013
References: paleycenter.org & youtu.be
Funny or Die CEO Dick Glover discusses creative approaches to business in this business model talk. In this speech, Glover explains how Funny or Die is able to afford big stars in their small productions, while also highlighting the role that creativity plays in this business model.

Glover began Funny or Die with a skit called ‘The Landlord,’ starring Will Farrell. Glover says that it’s important to put talent first when creating a site like this one. Farrell (co-founder of Funny or Die), along with a few other actors, were hired on for Funny or Die with an equity model as opposed to a work for hire model. They became partners of the company, and were given total creative freedom, which appealed to them as entertainers.