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Jude Reggett's Leadership Psychology Speech Explores the Ego

 - Oct 22, 2013
References: youtu.be
In her leadership psychology speech, Jude Reggett discusses the factors behind creativity and innovation in the workplace. The Jude Reggett talk focuses on human behaviour and how teachers, managers, students, employees and leaders of all kinds can unlock their own potential and the potential of their team. This is largely based on the Freudian concept that our subconscious often comes to the surface in interesting ways and affects our behaviours, feelings and thoughts.

Reggett's leadership psychology speech references the Structural Model, which theorizes these elements come from within ourselves. This model has three ego states (parent, child and adult) that characterizes different behavior. If managers acknowledge what is happening on their team and recognize what ego state they are drawing out, this can result in a more dynamic and creative workplace. This in turn results in more innovative thinking.