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Professor John Gabrieli Gives a Human Nature Lecture

 - Jun 4, 2013
References: youtube
During this human nature lecture, John Gabrieli talks about intellectual knowledge, repressed memories and the neuroscience of our brains. He talks about the research findings stating that there are systematic differences in the brains of criminals.

This human nature lecture discusses the correlation between the age of parents and psychological illness in children. During this lecture Gabrieli also talks about the correlation between stress and empathy stating that research shows people today are more stressed and less empathetic to others.

During this human nature lecture, John Gabrieli looks at the levels in which society operates. He discusses several experimentations relating to psychology and the world we live in. One particularly interesting research experiment is the 'Broken Window Theory.' This experiment looked at communities with a lot of damage, which caused people to have a "rules don't matter" mentality which made them more likely to commit petty crime and once someone commits a petty crime they are more likely to engage in more serious crimes.