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Tim Fearon Discusses Alternative Concepts for Business

 - Mar 15, 2012
References: findingthehiddenmoney & youtube
Tim Fearon founded the Extraordinary Coaching Company with his wife. The ECC focuses on aspiring small businesses, enabling them to create strategic, yet sustainable plans, while reaching personal goals. His long involvement with academia has allowed him a hard-earned wisdom in the psychology of motivation, shared through compelling and humorous anecdotes.

He argues that focusing on human potential is a waste of time, as all human beings have an enormous capacity for success. Sharing the memories of his young schooling days, Fearon claims to have been scarred by the corrosive twins 'Talent' and 'Potential.' If a person sails through academics and other situation, being confronted by a challenge will become disorienting. The natural tendency is to harbor routine, and expect to glide through process after process. Youth with talent and potential must focus on their personal dream to drive them past settling for simple careers. Every person should be glad to take on a challenge.