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Moshe Safdie's Building Talk Discusses His Creative Processes

 - Feb 28, 2014
References: new.ted & youtube
Architect Moshe Safdie discusses the creative processes that he underwent in designing his past projects in his architecture building talk. Safdie tells the audience that the search of uniqueness is humanity's response to the force of globalization and that the particular and the novelty is necessary in finding the incomparable place.

Safdie's takes Kansas as his example and tells the audience that he was asked years ago, to construct a science museum in Kansas. He shared his vision by showing the building committee an image of of the astronomic observatory of Jantar Mantar in Jaipur. His reason for choosing the structure was because of the duality of the structure's complexity, its richness and its rational use as an instrument that alludes to science.

Safdie's architecture building talk teaches the audience how he successfully created his project designs through intense passion and a persistence in creating a site that is unique and tailored to its visitors and its location.