AMP Energy

 - May 11, 2008
References: shapeandcolour.wordpress
Have you ever woken after a hard night of partying and had the worst part not be your pounding head, but the disgrace and confusion as to where you ended up, or who you were with? The walk home for those awkward occasions has often been referred to as the Walk of Shame, but this video ad wants to re-empower you; it's called The Walk of NO Shame.

It features a group of people and their morning-after experiences, all of them united in their mutual Walk of No Shame. That and the fact they're all drinking AMP Energy to get them through the trauma.

With lines like, "Oh how I'll push through the day... in my tiny ruffled mini-skirt and some guy's extra large t-shirt... Oh I will not be ashamed..." While the next guy sings, "I went to a theme party not planning to stay long..." and another finished, "But in the morning I found myself still dressed in a thong..."

If one doesn't exist already, this commercial is sure to inspire the launch of a new Facebook group...