These Shirts Know Exactly How Students Feel About Exams

 - Mar 28, 2016
Why wear your heart on your sleeve when you can wear your woes instead? This line of university sweatshirts provides students with the warmth and comfort of knowing that there are others who are feeling the same pain about exams.

The Relatable Co. was created by two stressed university students, inspired by a conversation about tears and midterm woes. Their goal is to build a school community by relating to the saddest university students and the realities that they face. These University of Toronto-inspired crewneck sweaters are branded with text that any typical university student could relate to during the exam crunch, including 'U of Woes,' 'U of Tears' and '1-800-UOFWOES.'

Although Drake is running through the six with his woes, students can stay stylish and run through campus with these wearable woes.