From Lyrical Macaroons to High-End Sportswear Collaborations

 - Dec 24, 2016
At the end of April, the album 'Views' was dropped, creating a huge stir for the rapper's many followers and reigniting his immense popularity yet again -- not only that, but it led to the creation of a slew of products, which comprise this cluster of gift ideas for Drake fans.

In addition to the variety of merchandise that resulted from the release of his album and the tour that followed, Drake's been delving deeper into the fashion world by collaborating with Nike's Jordan Brand.

Not only that, but the rapper has developed products outside of the fields of music and fashion as well -- starting his own whiskey label and even opening up a classy gentlemen's club. In addition, these gift ideas for Drake fans include hilarious song-centered artworks, lyrical apparel and even album-themed playing cards.