The Hopvine Bling is a Blended Beer Wine Inspired by Drake's Song Lyrics

 - Aug 19, 2016
References: stillwater-artisanal
Stillwater Artisanal is a brewing brand that recently took inspiration from rapper Drake's song lyrics to create the Hopvine Bling hybrid wine ale. The beverage contains a mixture of hops as well as white wine grapes to create a beverage that is crips, refreshing and slightly sweet.

The Hopvine Bling drink creatively puns the Hotline Bling song by the artist. The drink contains the same pink labelling as the track while the liquid contains sauvignon blanc grapes mixed with dry-hopped Berliner Weisse. The brand describes the beer with a play on words to the song lyrics explaining that the drink's inception as, "Ever since I left the city to collab with Hudson Valley Brewery, you got a reputation for yourself now."