Dr. Andrew Weil's Turmeric Drink Makes an Ancient Remedy Easy to Consume

 - Jan 10, 2015
References: amazon & thenibble
Turmeric tea is an ancient remedy that's been revered around the world for its healing benefits. While it's possible to whip up your own "golden milk" at home, this canned version from Dr. Andrew Weil is dairy-free, as well as a quick and easy to reap the benefits of this powerful healing spice. What gives turmeric its distinctive yellow coloring is curcumin, known for its ability fight cancer, prevent multiple sclerosis, reduce damage to heart tissue and protect against toxins from ingesting cigarette smoke and junk foods.

The drink is prepared with three simple, yet powerful ingredients: purified water, turmeric and Vitamin C. Since there aren't any additional flavors in the drink, it's said to have an exotic, authentic turmeric taste. It's suggested that this healing turmeric tea be served over ice with mint leaves and a citrus wedge.