The To Cheuk Yin ‘Animal Farm’ Collection is Dramatic

 - Jun 5, 2012
References: facebook & tocheukyin
The To Cheuk Yin ‘Animal Farm’ collection is a set of dramatically bold shots that are highly politically charged. The title alludes to George Orwell’s allegorical book on Stalin and Communist policy, which is captured in the militant-focused shots.

Featuring striking poses amid vivid colors, there is an undeniable power but also tenseness in tone in this collection. The poise of the model almost romanticizes the issue she is portraying, a nod towards the rapid expansion of communist ideology at the time, which is especially clear with the appearance of Mao’s Little Red Book.

To Cheuk Yin is a Toronto photographer who also has roots in Hong Kong. Having frequented the Eastern metropolis, some of his other work is set in and inspired from the bustling culture. Albeit being a young photographer, the collection created is both stunning and statement-making—as art should be.