Researches Discovered The City of Heracleion After 1,200 Years

 - Jun 20, 2013
References: wherecoolthingshappen
The researches who found the city of Heracleion have made a truly amazing and historic discovery. This Egyptian City--which was buried under the sea in Aboukir Bay, Egypt--was thought to be a legend. But now, 1,200 years later it is very much a reality. The city of Heracleion was said to have extraordinary wealth and the items researches are finding back that theory up.

So far researchers have found more than 64 ships buried in thick clay and sand. They have also discovered gold coins and weights made of bronze, and giant 16-ft statues along with hundreds of smaller statues of gods,
slabs of stone inscribed in ancient Greek and ancient Egyptian and over 700 ancient anchors.

Clearly, discovering the lost city of Heracleion is a moment of defining history.