The Nadia Wicker NUWA Image Series is Captured in Motion

 - Jun 15, 2013
References: nadiawicker.4ormat & inspirefirst
The Nadia Wicker NUWA image series lenses ethereal subjects in motion. Bringing a fairy inspiration to life right before our eyes, the photographer captures beautiful color combinations, flowing garments and otherworldly subject imagery. Exuding a feminine air, these whimsical portraits remind one of supernatural themes and fairy tale inspired imagery.

The Nadia Wicker NUWA photo series is both unconventional and imaginative. The artist brings a whimsical inspiration to life as she captures models mid-movement. The blurred portraits explore forms and elements that are created through fast movement and motion.

Moreover, models transform into other-worldly beings and resemble woodland fairies and nymphs instead of human beings. These striking subjects appear to float within their surrounding space and exude an angelic and ethereal air.