The Tetra Recart is Replacing Cans With More Sustainable Packages

 - Apr 13, 2018
References: tetrapak & foodingredientsfirst
Canned packaging has been the norm in pet food for some time now, but the Tetra Recart is hoping to change the landscape with a focus on carton designs. Unlike regular cans or carton packaging, Tetra Recart's carton designs feature polymerized lamination ensuring that any type of food can be stored within them. This unique package design showcases the focus of Tetra Recart on sustainability, cost-effectiveness and recyclability.

While these packs can be used for almost any food item, there is a focus being placed on pet food as that market is often the forefront of sustainable packaging. In terms of sustainability and energy efficiency, Tetra Recart estimates that their packaging requires 40 percent less space than cans and jars and 60 percent less weight than cans. This allows for Tera Recart cartons to be easily transported thus saving immensely on distribution costs and lowering carbon emissions. The materials used int the Tetra Recart include recycled wood fibers and recycled paper. The packs themselves are completely recyclable and fit into any existing carton recycling process.