Tatiane Freitas Uses Clear Acrylic to Fix Wooden Pieces

 - Dec 27, 2016
References: tatianefreitas & weburbanist
Tatiane Freitas, a Brazilian artist and industrial designer, has invented a system for refurbishing furniture that seamlessly merges modern and old-fashioned materials. Rather than striving for authenticity in her work, Tatiane Freitas' furniture collections remake wooden pieces by adding in clear acrylic plastic.

Freitas has two collections that use this unique and striking technique. 'My New Old Chair' is a revitalization of two chairs, one a traditional country structure and the other a modern Art Nouveau style. Her other project, 'Dear Bed,' adds clear acrylic plastic to the missing pieces on an elaborate rococo bed frame.

According to Freitas, her work explores the dichotomy between past and present. The half plastic, half wooden pieces in her two collection are a literal representation of the ways that past and present can both juxtapose and coalesce with one another.