McDonald's Harnesses the Power of Piper for Targeted Marketing

 - Jan 13, 2015
References: & nfcworld
Piper beacon solution provider that uses the power of targeted marketing to enable brands to get their messages across. While Piper has the potential to be used in everything from media to education, retail and hospitality, one brand that's getting the jump on this service is McDonald's.

Now, 26 McDonald's franchises in Columbus, Georgia have set up Bluetooth beacons in-restaurant, so that with the Piper app, they may access coupons, alerts, surveys and employment opportunities as they enter the establishment. In just four short weeks of being implemented, McDonald's sent out over 18,000 offers and as Piper reports, "An 8% increase of McChicken sales and a 7.5% sales increase of McNuggets." Moving forward, there are plans to introduce the service to hundreds more McDonald's locations in Georgia, Alabama and South Carolina.