FilmStruck Staged a Surprise Marriage for an Ardent Fan

 - Feb 16, 2018
References: adsoftheworld
The 'Putzel Proposal' is a new campaign from FilmStruck that involves a passionate fan and a surprise marriage ceremony.

As FilmStruck is a streaming service that caters to cinephiles by offering rare, classic, foreign and independent cinema, it quickly captured the heart of a man named Peter Putzel, who took to Twitter to say: "If I weren't already married, I'd ask FilmStruck to marry me."

The streaming service decided to accept Peter's proposal and got to work staging a surprise wedding ceremony. With a film scholar playing the role of the officiant, Peter and his family participated in a service that tied the knot with FilmStruck, pronouncing the new couple "husband and streaming service"—he also received a lifetime subscription to the film streaming service.