EO Products Makes Spray-On Deodorants Powered by Natural Essences

 - Nov 23, 2017
References: eoproducts & eoproducts
As an alternative to the many deodorant products on the market that are filled with aluminum, propylene glycol, zinc salts and other ingredients that can be irritating to the body, EO Products produces a collection of spray-on deodorants that are natural and organic.

The certified organic varieties available from the brand include Chill, Fresh, Clean and Cool, which are formulated with potent essential oils from tea tree, lavender, citrus fruits and vetiver from the grass family. These simple sprays can be spritzed from the bottle as needed for instant refreshment.

As well as helping to provide a pleasing scent throughout the day, these spray-on deodorants help to eliminate odor with organic ethanol. The essential oils included are known for their numerous benefits, including their antimicrobial, antibacterial, antifungal and antiseptic properties.