'Soundskins' Let Users Add a Personal Touch to Their Sonos Speakers

Soundskins, founded by VANMOKUM and designed by Studio Truly Truly, introduces knitted covers that are custom-fit to slip over one's Sonos speaker. In developing the 3D covers, Soundskins worked closely with the TextielMuseum and conducted tests at the Technical University of Eindhoven to make sure that adding a skin to the device doesn't taint the quality of sound emitted. Additionally, once placed on a speaker, the covers created with 3D knitting still permit users to make the most of a Sonos speaker's push and swipe functions, and do not compromise WiFi connectivity.

As part of a Kickstarter campaign, Soundskins are being introduced to the world in five colors: Smoke White, Olive Green, Stone Blue, Charcoal Black and Copper.

In the coming years, connected consumers who see their smart speakers as an essential part of their home life will be looking for ways to customize the gadgets and hubs to better suit their interior spaces.