Trend Hunter Reports 350,000 Page Views in One Day (UPDATE)

 - Apr 7, 2008
References: TrendHunter
Trend Hunters: A couple of you have inquired about adsense spiking today: It's for a great reason. We are on track to pass 350,000 page views in a single day!

In short, you can blame Bianca's Top 50 Shocking Ads for driving in copious amounts of traffic to that page and all of YOUR cool posts attached to it. The average viewer on the Top 50 page is opening up several other pages on Trend Hunter (mostly the specific 50 on that page).

Earlier this week, I reported that my Top 40 Pranks article knocked the server offline. Interestingly, the site went offline with half as much traffic as today. So, the good news is that my emergency server upgrade has been sustaining the site. Having said that, we are moving to a MUCH more powerful server bay in the next couple weeks.

Great work Trend Hunters!