Sensics' VR System is Designed for Arcades and Amusement Parks

 - Dec 24, 2016
References: osvrstore & roadtovr
The 'Goggles for Public VR' from Sensics set themselves apart from many other virtual reality entertainment systems by going after a segment other than consumers who are looking for at-home entertainment.

Sensics' newest virtual reality entertainment headset is specifically designed for use by arcades, amusement parks and other venues that specialize in entertainment. The headset is designed so that it's incredibly easy to quickly fit the headpiece on different users, as well as integrate into different prop headwear pieces such as helmets to match a particular game.

As this VR headset specifically target the out-of-home market, it includes a design that's easy to clean, modular and durable. A pair of fans are also integrated into the goggles to prevent fogging and an optional integrated Leap Motion module may be built into the headset as a replacement for controllers.