The ROCK Glass is Designed to Quickly Chill Down Quality Spirits

 - Aug 2, 2013
References: brookstone & thecoolgadgets
Having a drink 'on the rocks' usually means being left with a drink that's too watered down, but the ROCK Glass can help make ruined drinks a thing of the past. The intricately designed ROCK Glass comes with a spherical ice maker that -- when ready -- slips perfectly into the glass to be swirled around to quickly cool down a spot of whiskey or scotch without watering it down too fast.

An innovative approach to fine spirit drinking, the ROCK Glass is not only a sophisticated means to have a drink, but can also satisfy the drinkers tactile needs to play with the glass and swirl appropriately to help aerate the beverage. When spending so much on a fine bottle of premium spirits, drinking it respectfully with an item like the ROCK Glass makes logical sense.