Robbie Postma and Robert Harrison Created Artful Food Portraits

 - Apr 18, 2017
Robbie Postma, a chef, and Robert Harrison, a photographer, joined forces for a project that shows what the contents of a gourmet menu would look like if they were applied to a human face.

The resulting images are a little disturbing to look at, as the subjects have their faces completely covered in bright food products that have some incredibly unique textural qualities. For example, one image shows a man who has some sort of green goo dripping from his face, along with what looks to be chocolate coming from his eyes, and raspberry jam pouring from his mouth. With this combination of textures and vivid colors, he looks like a terrifying swap creature that just ate something bloody.

Other images within the Robbie Postma and Robert Harrison project include a man covered in shards of glass with red wine spewing from his mouth, and another man who seems to resemble an octopus and its ink.