Ridy Uses Machine-Vision Analytics on Drowsy and Distracted Drivers

 - Mar 30, 2018
References: indiegogo & producthunt
Drowsy driving has always been a danger on the roads, and with the rise of mobile technology, distracted driving has joined the list of road-bound threats as well; Ridy is a tool that helps to mitigate those dangers. The dashboard gadget uses machine vision and artificial intelligence to recognize when users are drowsy or distracted, giving them alerts to keep them focused or awake.

Ridy's mission began through unfortunate circumstances: the founder got into a car accident while driving after a long, tiring day at work. The evidence isn't only anecdotal, though. Shift workers, professional drivers, and people on long trips are susceptible to accidents because of their driving condition, and everyone has felt the urge to check their phone while operating a vehicle. Ridy is an unobtrusive way to help resist those risks and keep everyone on the road safer.