This Provocative Wine Ad Promotes Premier Estates' #TasteTheBush Campaign

 - Aug 13, 2015
References: premierestateswine & thedrinksbusiness
This provocative commercial for Premier Estates Wine's #TasteTheBush campaign presents a double entendre for the term "bush." While the ad aims to promote the wine -- which supposedly tastes like the natural landscapes of Australia -- this commercial hints that the term also represents a female's anatomy.

The commercial features a woman discussing how delicious the wine is and adds in that it is a great price. After she takes a sip of the wine, she says "Australia practically jumps out of the glass. In fact some say you can almost taste the bush." At the precise moment she says these words, the glass of wine is intentionally placed directly in front of the woman's hips.

The imagery is a cheeky play on words while still representing the great-tasting wine. This Premier Estates Wine campaign might be pushing the envelope a bit, but it is nonetheless intended to make audiences laugh.