'Plane-Tree-Cube Nagold' is a Structure Made of Living Walls

 - Nov 29, 2016
References: ludwig-schoenle.de & archdaily
Plants are amazingly adaptable, and Plane-Tree-Cube Nagold shows how this adaptability can be put to use for environmentally friendly architecture. The cubic structure redefines the concept of a tree house by being a structure literally made out of living trees.

Plane-Tree-Cube Nagold is a long-term project by Ludwig.Schoenle, a German architect. The structure is in the German city of Nagold, and it brings the environment into an urban context. It consists of a latticed steel cube with the dimensions of a mature tree. The architects placed young plane trees around six levels on the structure. As these trees grow, the upper portion of Plane-Tree-Cube Nagold will be covered by the trees' canopy while the lower part will thin out and be dominated by the thick trunks.

Eventually, Plane-Tree-Cube Nagold will be a cube of fully grown interlaced plane trees.