PAND10 is an Amsterdam Bar That Will Close After 10,000 Beers

 - Nov 27, 2015
In a move that questions a traditional drinking establishment's ability to adapt, PAND10 is a quaint temporary bar that will shut down as soon as it serves 10,000 beers. Essentially, the more popular a bar gets, the sooner it will close down, an interesting concept that reverses the normal supply and demand phenomenon.

Each beer served at PAND10 will have a sticker on it denoting where the bar is at between #1 and #10,000. PAND10 is serving 10 beers from all over the world with the experience being supported on social media by the #ClaimedMyBeer hashtag.

The PAND10 temporary bar is located on Amsterdam's Centrum and is also serving a small plates menu by Hotel de l’Europe’s chef Richard van Oostenbrugge.