'The Green Atrium' Embodies the Kind of Lifestyle It Promotes

Beyond simply stocking its shelves with natural products, The Green Atrium in Hong Kong is an organic supermarket that weaves its sustainable mentality into the fabric of its entire retail environment.

Upon entering the store, shoppers are immersed in an environment of natural goods. The walls and shelving units of the interior are lined with materials like recycled cardboard, crates, as well as upcycled planks and bicycles. Every design detail in the store is thoughtful, from the animal prints on the wall that raise awareness for endangered animals, to the artful "tree of life" and "flower of life" installations.

In order to help others practice the kind of lifestyle habits that the store preaches, The Green Atrium's retail space is often used to host DIY workshops on everything from creating tie-dye goods to recycled paper.