The Sanctuary at Soledad's Non-Dairy Cheese is Creatively Plant-Based

 - Jan 19, 2016
As the dairy-free market continues to expand, there are now a number of non-dairy cheese products that cater to vegans and those who opt to avoid certain animal by-products. Many of these vegan-friendly cheese alternatives are made from a base of soy or nuts, but The Sanctuary at Soledad takes a more inventive approach to its ' Vegan Cheeze.'

The non-dairy cheese Vegan Cheeze products made from a number of creative plant-based ingredients. For example, its American Cheeze is made from a base of oats, while the Parmesan is formed from a base of pine nuts and the Ricotta comes from macadamia nuts.

As the Soledad Vegan Cheeze products are prepared at The Sanctuary at Soledad Goats, proceeds from the sales of the dairy-free cheese go back to the animals.