Noir Nightclub is Part of The Roaring 20s Complex in St. Louis

 - Apr 3, 2017
References: roaring20scomplex & riverfronttimes
Though nightclubs in the early part of the 20th century were certainly significantly different from what they are today, The Roaring 20s complex in St. Louis is trying to regenerate some of that nostalgic charm with Noir nightclub. The club has a black and white movie theme, with music and decor that matches the style of the silver screen from that early era in film history.

Guests at Noir nightclub are encouraged to dress up in 20s garb if they have the inclination, though modern evening wear is acceptable (albeit anachronous.)

Beyond Noir nightclub, The Roaring 20s complex as a whole features a bar and restaurant called the Blind Pig and a vape shop called Speakeasy Vaporium. As the names indicate, both those establishments also share in the nostalgic theme.