Wendy's National Freezer Expedition Highlights America's Freezers

 - Nov 2, 2016
References: prnewswire & chewboom
Wendy's recently launched a social media campaign called the National Freezer Expedition, which involves asking fans to dig through the depths of their freezer to unearth the oldest item they can find. While the idea of digging through an ice-covered box for old food may sound unappealing, Wendy's is offering a special reward for those who uncover the most unusual items.

The National Freezer Expedition is an online contest running from the 31st of October until November 20th. To enter, fans are asked to dig through their freezer and snap a photo of the oldest thing they can find. They must then post a photo of the forgotten freezer item to Instagram or Twitter with the hashtags #FreezerDig and #Sweepstakes. Each day of the contest, Wendy's will reward one lucky contestant with a year's worth of "fresh, made-to-order Wendy's hamburgers topped with fresh produce on a warm toasted bun"

The contest ultimately highlights just how unpleasant frozen food can be and how Wendy's commitment to using fresh beef sets the chain apart from competitors.